Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Six Shooter: October 21

Every week on my show Maverick's Comic Roundup I give you my six shooter, six comic books I think you should check out. This week those books are:

1. Herobear and The Kid Fall Special 2016:  HEROBEAR IS BACK! Part two of the "Savong Time" storyline that began as a member Ni series but now seems to be continuing as a series of specials sees time go wonky due to the events of previous issues, and Herobear and the Kid have to save the day as well as find the missing Henry! 

2. Faith #4:  (Vailant) Faith, her heroic boyfriend Archer and her magically created double battle evil at Comic-Con! Another great issue filled with geek fun and real con going tips!  This may very well be my favorite comic on the market right now.

3. Trinity #2:  (DC) The mystery introduced on issue one deepens in this great new series that continues to lead with strong characterization and an interesting twist at the end.  They're doing a great job balancing the newer versions of these characters yet making their bond feel timeless.

4. Lost Boys #1: (Vertigo) comic book sequel to the iconic 80's movie catches us up to Michael, Sam and the Frog Brothers as Vampires once again descend on Santa Clara.  If your a fan, or a fan of 80's nostalgia this is the book for you this week.

5. Batman #9: (DC) Batman recruits several of his rogues in order to go to Satna Prisca in search of Bane and the Pscycho Pirate.  Plus a surprise cameo from a Legion of Superheroes favorite.  Interesting to see what the "Rebirth" version of some of these characters have been up to.

6. Deadpool: Too Soon #1: (Marvel) Deadpool blackmails an odd assemblage of heroes including Howard The Duck, Squirrelgirl and Spider-Ham for his Christmas card photo, but when Forbush Man is murdered, the mystery for the killer is on... And so is the absurdity.  Be warned, this book is pretty out there, but it's also a whole lot of of fun.