Monday, October 31, 2016

Throwback Wrestling Thurs... Err Monday: Happy Halloween!

Halloween and pro wrestling, to me it just works. Over the years I have had lots of wrestling memories, both as a fan and later as a performer.  

I don't think I'll ever forget the first Halloween Havoc when the "Thunderdome" cage burst into flames and The Great Muta tried to put it out with his "Muta Mist"

Or the very next year at Havoc when Barry Windham cut his hair and dressed as Sting to try and help Sid Vicious win the NWA title from Sting himself in one of the craziest Horseman plots ever.

Halloween Havoc had so many crazy moments, the Chamber of Horrors match that saw a malfunctioning kill switch and Abdullah The Butcher getting fried is a memory that those involved in WCW at the time would like us all to forget.  Not to mention the "Creatures" WCW Phantom and Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal and the Sumo monster truck match all lead for memorable events... Memorable in both good me bad ways.

Later as a performer I was able to have some crazy Halloween moments as well.  Not surprisingly most of those were Slamtastic Wrestling based.

Like the time I was in a match at the first "Hauntd House Party" when my opponent and his partner tried to gang up on me.  One held me while the other climbed to the top rope and tried to smash me with a large Jack-o-Lantern that was sitting ringside as a decoration.   Fortunately I was able to move out of the way at the last minute and the ghord was smashed onto the head of my opponent and I was able to roll him up and get the 1,2,3 with the pumpkin still on his head.

Probably my most fun memory at Halloween wrestling memory was the year Kris Krude amend I recreated the Halloween Havoc legend Spin the Wheel Make the Deal match.  

The wheel landed on a casket match, and after a hard fought battle I thought I had the victory.  However it turned out that I locked Greg Sptiz, Krude's identical twin brother got stuffed in ten casket instead.

So Krude challenged me to rematch, and it was decided that the Spin the Wheel match would be two out of three falls... And each fall would get a spin!

So the second spin revealed the treacherous THUMB WRESTLING match.  Yes, really.  Krude won the second fall by putting his feet on the ropes. That rotten cheat! 

So we had the third spin and the wheel landed on ladder match! Since the building had very low ceilings, we were forced to use the only ladder we had that would fit... A step ladder.

What happened next was wrestling magic.  An epic ladder match that people still talk about to this day.  And I'm not making a joke here.  We laid it all out there and  used that step ladder as if it were ten feet tall.

The bei toy of Slamtastic was hat every performer went out and did the most ridiculous things in a very serious way.  Since we were selling kids parties, we able to have a lot of fun, but still tried to make every match a good one, and often those matches were great.

Slamtastic continues to be the most fun I ever had in wrestling and that ladder match is still one of the best matches of my career.  I always think fondly of those Halloween parties and events every Halloween.

Happy Trails,

Monday, October 24, 2016

Mav goes Spartan week 5:

Another week, another update...

I have to be honest, outside of my yoga and some quick morning workouts things have stalled a bit.  But the good thing about this weekly post about my training is that it's an accountability tool as well, and as I realize my training has laxxed, I'm able to put my attention to it and tweak my training accordingly.  

So now it's back to the drawing board, so to speak.  My running has slipped, so I need to find a time of day where I can get out consistently.  I also need a few more training sessions during the week.

I've been getting my burpees in, and that will continue I'm gonna add a few each month to continue that growth.

I've mentioned it before, my Friday night superhero class has been a great training tool, running jumping and climbing and calestetics for two hours is a great Friday night workout.

Spartan has been setting up its next years schedule so I'll be able to target a goal race soon. 

More to come...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Six Shooter: October 21

Every week on my show Maverick's Comic Roundup I give you my six shooter, six comic books I think you should check out. This week those books are:

1. Herobear and The Kid Fall Special 2016:  HEROBEAR IS BACK! Part two of the "Savong Time" storyline that began as a member Ni series but now seems to be continuing as a series of specials sees time go wonky due to the events of previous issues, and Herobear and the Kid have to save the day as well as find the missing Henry! 

2. Faith #4:  (Vailant) Faith, her heroic boyfriend Archer and her magically created double battle evil at Comic-Con! Another great issue filled with geek fun and real con going tips!  This may very well be my favorite comic on the market right now.

3. Trinity #2:  (DC) The mystery introduced on issue one deepens in this great new series that continues to lead with strong characterization and an interesting twist at the end.  They're doing a great job balancing the newer versions of these characters yet making their bond feel timeless.

4. Lost Boys #1: (Vertigo) comic book sequel to the iconic 80's movie catches us up to Michael, Sam and the Frog Brothers as Vampires once again descend on Santa Clara.  If your a fan, or a fan of 80's nostalgia this is the book for you this week.

5. Batman #9: (DC) Batman recruits several of his rogues in order to go to Satna Prisca in search of Bane and the Pscycho Pirate.  Plus a surprise cameo from a Legion of Superheroes favorite.  Interesting to see what the "Rebirth" version of some of these characters have been up to.

6. Deadpool: Too Soon #1: (Marvel) Deadpool blackmails an odd assemblage of heroes including Howard The Duck, Squirrelgirl and Spider-Ham for his Christmas card photo, but when Forbush Man is murdered, the mystery for the killer is on... And so is the absurdity.  Be warned, this book is pretty out there, but it's also a whole lot of of fun.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mav goes Spartan week 4: Mav goes Yogi?

So after looking into it for a while... OK, A long while, and trying a few DVD workouts I finally made the jump into the world of Yoga and took my first real Yoga class.  I have to say it was everything, and nothing like I expected.  And since this post is late this week, I'm now able to talk about my first two classes.

My first class was a small class, which was probably a good thing and the instructor Geri did a fantastic job of not only making me feel at ease, but broke terms and movements down so that a newb like me would totally understand.

One of the most interesting things about Yoga that I found was the body awareness that comes with practice.  At first it may seem strange that your told to release tension in your jaw or the top of your head when focusing on some other body part your twisting like a pretzel but then you realize that your jaw is clenched and you hold tension in all sorts of body parts when exercising.

It was strange to me come out of a workout both fatigued and completely relaxed but that's how I came out of both classes. There's also a calmness and sense of accomplishment that was very welcome after a long crazy day.

I'll definitely be sticking with yoga during my Spartan training since it helps greatly with flexibility, core strength and mental focus.  Right now, it's a once a week practice but I can definitely see that expanding in the future 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Mav goes Spartan: week three, getting a grip

Week three update time, So far I'm pretty happy with my training, I'm building a consistent base and that's really important.

Burpees everyday as well as several mini workouts, I'll be upping the intensity on those soon.  I'm Getting in a run or two a week and I know that needs to bump up, but since I've been running that's not the thing I'm most concerned with.

I have noticed while watching various videos that climbing is a big part of many of the runs.  Monkey bars, rope climbs and walls show up in many of the videos.  So I've decided I'm gonna start looking into different climbing and grip strength workout. I think I am gonna get a pull up bar too, more than likely a portable one I can take with me on the go.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Mav goes Spartan: week 2

It's week two, and progess continues.

My Friday night Superhero class has become a surprisingly valuable asset in my Spartan training. I set up some obstacle courses, shuttle runs, and we do lots of calesthetics every week, and I've been doing the challenges with them.  Since we have new equipment and a bigger room this year we've had some really fun challenges. Two hours of that and I get in a great workout.

I've also been turned on to a new app by my daughter.  It's a 7 minute workout challenge app that uses basic bodyweight exercises in a seven minute circuit. Best part is they let you set up how many circuits you do so you can create a longer workout.  It's on the App Store. I just searched 7 minute workout challenge.

Speaking of my daughter, guess who discovered Spartan has kids races and now has been following me asking if she can run one.  Looks like I may have a training buddy after all.

That's it for this week,