Thursday, November 10, 2016

Throwback Wrestling Thursday: Tag your it!

I have had a long, long love of the art of tag team wrestling.  Ever since I sat down one Saturday morning (as I always did) watching wrestling one early Saturday afternoons and saw the British Bulldogs for he first time I was completely hooked and have always wanted to be a part of a full time team.  

You see, the 80's were a tag team lovers dream, some of the greatest teams of all time had some of the greatest bouts and I watched them all... Repeatedly. Heck, I still do.  With the Road Warriors, Rock and Roll Express, Midnight Express, Hart Foundation and SO many others Tag Team wrestling was a thing of beauty and with so many different styles in the ring it made for awesome matches.  In today's era I'll admit I'm incredibly jealous of The New Day because I've never seen anyone have so much fun as a team.

I've been lucky to have been a part of a lot of different tag team pairings. But three partners come to mind whenever I think of tag team action:

Norm The Barfly: since he was my travel partner and we broke in together we were often paired together.  Eventually we started The Tv Generation faction and we had a lengthy tag run that included a few title runs.  But what a lot of people don't know is that for an entire summer we decided to call ourselves the Rolling Rock Express, complete with bandanas and Rock and Roll is King theme song.  Odd trivia note: in the early years we would often celebrated our matches by having a beer or two, I don't think I've actually ever had a Rolling Rock.

SuperCody:  We teamed on and off for years before coming up with the name "Superhero Express". We had a pretty successful run, complete with one of the strangest "only in wrestling" type scenarios where we would repeatedly win the tag team championships, without ever losing them (that's a blog for another day).  We had a lot of things planned that could've made this team a huge success before its untimely demise.  Some of this things I'm hoping to incorporate into my comic book show and related stuff.

Kid America: True story, in high school the mysterious man under the Kid America mask and I dreamed of being tag team champions.  However due to life being life, that never happened. Eventhough we've teamed on and off our entire careers we never had a real run, or even a title shot that I can remember. Granted I get hot on the head a lot, but I think I'd remember that.  The promotion for a Maverick/Kid America tag title match has the stuff of booking dreams written all over it, imagine the boyhood dream angle times two!

I've done a lot in my ring days, but I'll openly admit, one thing I would very much like to accomplish before I hang the boots up for good is to have a long established run as a tag team.  I have marketing and a few gimmick ideas in mind and I certainly think the Indy's need some more steady tag teams.  However I really don't have a partner lined up who matches what I want to do, so who knows. 

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