Thursday, August 17, 2017

Throwback Wrestling Thursday: Ranking the Rogues

"Without a good bad guy, who gives a sh*t?"  -Larry Zbysko

That quote from a recent episode of "Table for Three" on the WWE Network is probably one of the most important, and often overlooked things about pro wrestling.  A hero is only as great as the challenges he must overcome, and in wrestling that comes in the form of great villains.  There have been so many great heels over the years that helped shape wrestling history, and it got me thinking about some of the great I've been in the ring against.  Here are a few of the standouts that come to my mind and whenever I talk to fans are the ones that come up most often.

Greg Spitz:  Hands down, if anyone brings up their favorite Maverick feud 90% of the time they bring up Maverick Vs. Greg Spitz.  It was a feud that took on a mythical quality and for a while promoters all over the tri state area would try to book us against each other.  We've wrestled each other probably a hundred times, on huge summer spectaculars, and on small auditoriums with 12 people in it and everywhere in between.  As a matter of fact, the first whole year of Slamtastic Wrestling Parties was built on Maverick Vs. Greg Spitz, because it was a sure fire crowd pleaser.

Mr. Ooh LaLa:  Mr. Ooh Lala is a legitimate legend in Indy wrestling, and with good reason.  An absolute master of psychology and an entertaining storyteller who just seems to get better with age.  We have only had a handful of singles encounters but they were always classic battles.  Recently Ooh LaLa has aligned himself with another constant foe of mine and the two have become a constant thorn in my side, and in the side of America as a whole.

Wyndham James Winthorpe III: My most recent rival is quickly becoming one of my biggest feuds.  This is another feud that's become a multi-promotional rivalry, and even though various other players like Kid America, Norm The Barfly and Mr. Ooh LaLa have enhanced this feud and turned it into an epic war, the core of the feud is the proper British bruiser Vs. The crazy American Cowboy.  Why is Winthorpe a great villain?  That's simple, he's not one, at least not in his own mind.  WJWIII believes he is correct in his feelings for America in general and Maverick in particular.  Feuds based around national pride almost always draw big heat, and when you have two strong personalities clashing it automatically makes the stakes higher.  This one isn't close to being finished, especially since I have several more beatings to give the "Prime Minister".

Kris Krude:  "Hot Chocolate" Kris Krude and I had immediate chemistry in the ring, which usually makes for great matches.  We've traded titles and had an unresolved, yet very entertaining feud that I wish had gotten to see the big payoff. I believe I do my best work when the deck was stacked against me, and Krude's size and entourage always made for a formidable battle.

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