Thursday, April 16, 2020

A Cowboy Looks at 47

Howdy friends,
Well it looks like I made it around the sun one more time. And while I'm not necessarily surprised, I think we agree it's been a weird year.

With all the extra down time I've had recently, I've had the chance to get reflect on the last few years in the mask, and I have to admit, they haven't been great.  I'm not thrilled with my last handful of matches because I was dealing with several injuries that just wouldn't heal, and as a result my overall fitness has suffered.

 Thanks to all this extra time and learning to train smarter, I'm starting to feel much better and I'm looking forward to climbing back into the ring for what will be my 26th year in the rasslin' biz.

And since it looks like it may be awhile before that happens, I'm going to start increasing my online presence, starting right here on the roundup. 

I will be bringing back some old school columns and introducing a few new things including:

Throwback Wrestling Thursday:
  This was my most read blog feature, so of course it's back.  Every Thursday I'll be looking back at some of my favorite matches, feuds, events or memories in the wild and wacky world of Pro Wrestling.

Rasslin' With Comics:  The worlds of Pro Wrestling and Comic Books have so much in common, it's no surprise that they crossover again and again. I'll be looking at comics about wrestling, wrestlers with comic book personas and much more!

There's more to come as I'm considering some new instagram features, and possibly a new podcast!  But more on that later...

Happy Trails,

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