Monday, December 5, 2016

The Six Shooter: December 4

M.A.S.k #1 (IDW $3.99)
Spinning out of IDW's Revolution miniseries, the 80's hit is back! It was interesting to see the origin of the group and Matt Tracker as an unsure young man trying to learn the ropes and lead the team. 

Batman Annual #1 (DC Comics $3.99)
I was surprised that this was a holiday issue, I was more surprised that it was a holiday issue that was in continuity and planted the seeds for future storylines. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #9 (Boom! $3.99)
This comic continues to surprise with its plot and intensity.  There's a very interesting twist/reveal at the end that long time fans will enjoy.  Another great issue.

Super Powers #1 (DC Comics $2.99)
All-Ages fun from Art and Franco.  Surprisingly continuity heavy as this book actually ties into both Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures, but a fun book for any young fan of Batman, Superman and company.  

Star Wars Annual #2 (Marvel 4.99)
Stand alone adventure that sees a very injured Princess Leia relying on the help of someone who doesn't believe in the cause of the rebellion.  So far Star Wars annuals have been used as platforms to introduce new characters who play bigger roles in the ongoing series, this will probably be no different.

Inhumans Vs. X-Men #0 (Marvel $3.99)
Setting up the next big Marvel crossover.  Lots of exposition but it's needed if you're like me and haven't really been following the Xmen or Inhumans.  If your interested in the upcoming ResurrXion this is the book that starts towards that event.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Six Shooter: November 18

Nightwing #9
Superman Guest stars, check out my full review on

Captain America: Sam Wilson #15
D-Man returns (I really thought he was dead) and he also returns to his roots as a Professional Wrestler as the title takes a slight detour from its recent politically charged storyline.  I like the nods to Marvels ealrlier years and many characters who have pro wrestling in their backstories.

The Comic Book History of Comics #1
A very dense illustrated look at the creation of the comic book medium and it's evolution.  This is a very interesting read and a must for fans of the history the comic book.  The book is essentially an illustrated documentary featuring tons of characters and creators.  I'd really like to see this collected once it's finished.

Harbinger Renegades #1 
Valiant capitalizes on the success of Faith by bringing back the team that introduced her.  This is a considerably darker book than Faith and depends heavily on previous continuity which I knew nothing of.  However I was still able to enjoy this book and with what I learned so far I am curious to learn more about this team.

Invincible #131
The book starts to raise the stakes again as the end of the series approaches.  No one is safe in the Invincible Universe as it is and that is so much more true now that the end is near.  Mark and Eve fight for the life of their daughter and themselves from a Viltrumite attack.  The suspense of the book was perfect as was the pace, and the book didn't get overly gratuitous which often drags the book down for me.

Trinity #3
Batman has to witness his parents murder... again and the trio of heroes continue to investigate the strange happenings that seems intent on making them face their pasts. Meanwhile Lois steps in to save her son.  Not as strong as the first two issues, but the book is doing a great job of establishing the newer versions of Batman, Supeman and Wonder Woman as a force.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Six Shooter: 11/4/16

1. Occupy Avengers:  (Marvel) Hawkeye and Red Wolf team up to help those who no one else will.  Check my full review on Totally Driven this week.

2. Champions #2: (Marvel) Team building turns into trouble with the arrival of Cyclops.  As the team gets to know each other, sparks fly... In more ways than one.  Another strong issue, and I love that young Cyclops is on this team, it'll be interesting to see him in a non-leadership roll. And that last page really surprised me.

3. Superman #10: (DC Comics) Jonathon Kent meets Damian Wayne and craziness ensues.  Damian is growing on me as an antagonist, his cockiness and attitude play off the other characters, and even Batman seems lighthearted compared to him.  This book is setting up what could be a really interesting team up book from the DC Rebirth era.

4. Catwoman: Election Special: (DC Comics) we get to see more of Catowoman's "Rebirth" origin, and Penguin channels Donald Trump in this unique One-Shot that connects Catowoma to Prez of all people.  

5. Frozen #2: (Joe's Books) More fun set in the world of Disney's Frozen movie.  Great art and fun stories will make this a hit with Frozen fans of any age.

6. Faith #5: (Valiant) three short stories make up this issue.  First, Faith who is still recovering from the events of recent issues leaps back into action to help a Hollywood Starlet who is possessed by a talking Cat.  Then She's charged with covering Hillary Clinton's appearance which of course leads to shenanigans and some words of encouragement from madam secretary. The third features sees Faith help a young Psiot and after all that's happened contemplate having other superheroes to tea, up with... Good thing her team The Renegades has a relaunch coming soon! 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Six Shooter: October 21

Every week on my show Maverick's Comic Roundup I give you my six shooter, six comic books I think you should check out. This week those books are:

1. Herobear and The Kid Fall Special 2016:  HEROBEAR IS BACK! Part two of the "Savong Time" storyline that began as a member Ni series but now seems to be continuing as a series of specials sees time go wonky due to the events of previous issues, and Herobear and the Kid have to save the day as well as find the missing Henry! 

2. Faith #4:  (Vailant) Faith, her heroic boyfriend Archer and her magically created double battle evil at Comic-Con! Another great issue filled with geek fun and real con going tips!  This may very well be my favorite comic on the market right now.

3. Trinity #2:  (DC) The mystery introduced on issue one deepens in this great new series that continues to lead with strong characterization and an interesting twist at the end.  They're doing a great job balancing the newer versions of these characters yet making their bond feel timeless.

4. Lost Boys #1: (Vertigo) comic book sequel to the iconic 80's movie catches us up to Michael, Sam and the Frog Brothers as Vampires once again descend on Santa Clara.  If your a fan, or a fan of 80's nostalgia this is the book for you this week.

5. Batman #9: (DC) Batman recruits several of his rogues in order to go to Satna Prisca in search of Bane and the Pscycho Pirate.  Plus a surprise cameo from a Legion of Superheroes favorite.  Interesting to see what the "Rebirth" version of some of these characters have been up to.

6. Deadpool: Too Soon #1: (Marvel) Deadpool blackmails an odd assemblage of heroes including Howard The Duck, Squirrelgirl and Spider-Ham for his Christmas card photo, but when Forbush Man is murdered, the mystery for the killer is on... And so is the absurdity.  Be warned, this book is pretty out there, but it's also a whole lot of of fun.

Monday, August 22, 2016

New Maverick T-Shirt coming soon!

I'm very excited to preview the design of the new Maverick T-Shirt coming soon!  The Shirt design was created by JK Desgins and really captures the Maverick Spirit!  Pre-Orders coming soon!