Monday, December 5, 2016

Mav goes Spartan: Mud, Sweat and Cheers!

So I went mud running this weekend! 

If you're one of the eleventeen people who read this blog regularly you know I was discussing doing my first obstacle run, and I'm happy to say that I did indeed run the Mud, Sweat and Cheers Challenge this weekend. 

Of course I couldn't do things he easy or smart way, I missed online registration and I had a birthday party for one of my little superheroes that afternoon. (Happy Birthday Timmy!) So I wasn't even sure I would make the race. I arrived five minutes before the last heat was taking off, so I quickly registered and as I handed in my paperwork and fee I heard the gun go off for the start of the heat so I sprinted off to catch up... Without any warm up... Yeah I know. Not smart.

The run itself was A LOT of fun.  They had a nice variety of different obstacles both man made and natural since it was in the woods and for the most part the course was clearly marked... I did make a wrong turn in Albuquerque at one point and lost some time, there were two paths coming off an obstacle and of course I picked the wrong one, but overall I think they did a good job of keeping things marked clearly and had plenty of volunteers.

As far as my performance, I did every single obstacle and think I did well. No idea of my time because of the screw up, but I wasn't doing it for time.

 I need to work on pacing but part of my issue is the fact that I sprinted at the start and never found a good pace... The course was about 3 miles so it's about the length of a Spartan Sprint which is what I'm training for.

It's safe to say I'm hooked and can't wait for my next obstacle run.  I know what I need to work on training wise and I'm putting together a plan for that as well.

That's it for this week.  I have a Christmas theme virtual on tap for later in the week, can't wait! 

The Six Shooter: December 4

M.A.S.k #1 (IDW $3.99)
Spinning out of IDW's Revolution miniseries, the 80's hit is back! It was interesting to see the origin of the group and Matt Tracker as an unsure young man trying to learn the ropes and lead the team. 

Batman Annual #1 (DC Comics $3.99)
I was surprised that this was a holiday issue, I was more surprised that it was a holiday issue that was in continuity and planted the seeds for future storylines. 

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #9 (Boom! $3.99)
This comic continues to surprise with its plot and intensity.  There's a very interesting twist/reveal at the end that long time fans will enjoy.  Another great issue.

Super Powers #1 (DC Comics $2.99)
All-Ages fun from Art and Franco.  Surprisingly continuity heavy as this book actually ties into both Tiny Titans and Superman Family Adventures, but a fun book for any young fan of Batman, Superman and company.  

Star Wars Annual #2 (Marvel 4.99)
Stand alone adventure that sees a very injured Princess Leia relying on the help of someone who doesn't believe in the cause of the rebellion.  So far Star Wars annuals have been used as platforms to introduce new characters who play bigger roles in the ongoing series, this will probably be no different.

Inhumans Vs. X-Men #0 (Marvel $3.99)
Setting up the next big Marvel crossover.  Lots of exposition but it's needed if you're like me and haven't really been following the Xmen or Inhumans.  If your interested in the upcoming ResurrXion this is the book that starts towards that event.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Mav goes Spartan update: mud running and holiday streaking!

I know I haven't updated much, but honestly how many different ways can you say "I ran and did burpees". So for now I'll be updating only when I have something significant to add.

I found a local 5k trail/obstacle run that I'm gonna give a try.  It's small, but I think it's a good way to get my feet wet (literally) in the obstacle run world.  This way I'll know if I actually like obstacle running.

It's called Mud, Sweat and Cheers and is December 4. I'll update on how I did and what I thought afterwards.

I'm also considering doing the #RWRunStreak again this holiday. The streak is an initiative started by Runners World magazine that encourages you to run at least a mile every day from Thanksgiving until New Years Day.  If I do attempt it this year I need to make sure to do it properly and not just try to rush through the daily mile. I didn't warm up properly many times last year and it caused a lot of pain and small injuries.

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Six Shooter: November 18

Nightwing #9
Superman Guest stars, check out my full review on

Captain America: Sam Wilson #15
D-Man returns (I really thought he was dead) and he also returns to his roots as a Professional Wrestler as the title takes a slight detour from its recent politically charged storyline.  I like the nods to Marvels ealrlier years and many characters who have pro wrestling in their backstories.

The Comic Book History of Comics #1
A very dense illustrated look at the creation of the comic book medium and it's evolution.  This is a very interesting read and a must for fans of the history the comic book.  The book is essentially an illustrated documentary featuring tons of characters and creators.  I'd really like to see this collected once it's finished.

Harbinger Renegades #1 
Valiant capitalizes on the success of Faith by bringing back the team that introduced her.  This is a considerably darker book than Faith and depends heavily on previous continuity which I knew nothing of.  However I was still able to enjoy this book and with what I learned so far I am curious to learn more about this team.

Invincible #131
The book starts to raise the stakes again as the end of the series approaches.  No one is safe in the Invincible Universe as it is and that is so much more true now that the end is near.  Mark and Eve fight for the life of their daughter and themselves from a Viltrumite attack.  The suspense of the book was perfect as was the pace, and the book didn't get overly gratuitous which often drags the book down for me.

Trinity #3
Batman has to witness his parents murder... again and the trio of heroes continue to investigate the strange happenings that seems intent on making them face their pasts. Meanwhile Lois steps in to save her son.  Not as strong as the first two issues, but the book is doing a great job of establishing the newer versions of Batman, Supeman and Wonder Woman as a force.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Throwback Wrestling Thursday: Tag your it!

I have had a long, long love of the art of tag team wrestling.  Ever since I sat down one Saturday morning (as I always did) watching wrestling one early Saturday afternoons and saw the British Bulldogs for he first time I was completely hooked and have always wanted to be a part of a full time team.  

You see, the 80's were a tag team lovers dream, some of the greatest teams of all time had some of the greatest bouts and I watched them all... Repeatedly. Heck, I still do.  With the Road Warriors, Rock and Roll Express, Midnight Express, Hart Foundation and SO many others Tag Team wrestling was a thing of beauty and with so many different styles in the ring it made for awesome matches.  In today's era I'll admit I'm incredibly jealous of The New Day because I've never seen anyone have so much fun as a team.

I've been lucky to have been a part of a lot of different tag team pairings. But three partners come to mind whenever I think of tag team action:

Norm The Barfly: since he was my travel partner and we broke in together we were often paired together.  Eventually we started The Tv Generation faction and we had a lengthy tag run that included a few title runs.  But what a lot of people don't know is that for an entire summer we decided to call ourselves the Rolling Rock Express, complete with bandanas and Rock and Roll is King theme song.  Odd trivia note: in the early years we would often celebrated our matches by having a beer or two, I don't think I've actually ever had a Rolling Rock.

SuperCody:  We teamed on and off for years before coming up with the name "Superhero Express". We had a pretty successful run, complete with one of the strangest "only in wrestling" type scenarios where we would repeatedly win the tag team championships, without ever losing them (that's a blog for another day).  We had a lot of things planned that could've made this team a huge success before its untimely demise.  Some of this things I'm hoping to incorporate into my comic book show and related stuff.

Kid America: True story, in high school the mysterious man under the Kid America mask and I dreamed of being tag team champions.  However due to life being life, that never happened. Eventhough we've teamed on and off our entire careers we never had a real run, or even a title shot that I can remember. Granted I get hot on the head a lot, but I think I'd remember that.  The promotion for a Maverick/Kid America tag title match has the stuff of booking dreams written all over it, imagine the boyhood dream angle times two!

I've done a lot in my ring days, but I'll openly admit, one thing I would very much like to accomplish before I hang the boots up for good is to have a long established run as a tag team.  I have marketing and a few gimmick ideas in mind and I certainly think the Indy's need some more steady tag teams.  However I really don't have a partner lined up who matches what I want to do, so who knows. 

Happy Trails,

Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Six Shooter: 11/4/16

1. Occupy Avengers:  (Marvel) Hawkeye and Red Wolf team up to help those who no one else will.  Check my full review on Totally Driven this week.

2. Champions #2: (Marvel) Team building turns into trouble with the arrival of Cyclops.  As the team gets to know each other, sparks fly... In more ways than one.  Another strong issue, and I love that young Cyclops is on this team, it'll be interesting to see him in a non-leadership roll. And that last page really surprised me.

3. Superman #10: (DC Comics) Jonathon Kent meets Damian Wayne and craziness ensues.  Damian is growing on me as an antagonist, his cockiness and attitude play off the other characters, and even Batman seems lighthearted compared to him.  This book is setting up what could be a really interesting team up book from the DC Rebirth era.

4. Catwoman: Election Special: (DC Comics) we get to see more of Catowoman's "Rebirth" origin, and Penguin channels Donald Trump in this unique One-Shot that connects Catowoma to Prez of all people.  

5. Frozen #2: (Joe's Books) More fun set in the world of Disney's Frozen movie.  Great art and fun stories will make this a hit with Frozen fans of any age.

6. Faith #5: (Valiant) three short stories make up this issue.  First, Faith who is still recovering from the events of recent issues leaps back into action to help a Hollywood Starlet who is possessed by a talking Cat.  Then She's charged with covering Hillary Clinton's appearance which of course leads to shenanigans and some words of encouragement from madam secretary. The third features sees Faith help a young Psiot and after all that's happened contemplate having other superheroes to tea, up with... Good thing her team The Renegades has a relaunch coming soon! 

Monday, October 31, 2016

Throwback Wrestling Thurs... Err Monday: Happy Halloween!

Halloween and pro wrestling, to me it just works. Over the years I have had lots of wrestling memories, both as a fan and later as a performer.  

I don't think I'll ever forget the first Halloween Havoc when the "Thunderdome" cage burst into flames and The Great Muta tried to put it out with his "Muta Mist"

Or the very next year at Havoc when Barry Windham cut his hair and dressed as Sting to try and help Sid Vicious win the NWA title from Sting himself in one of the craziest Horseman plots ever.

Halloween Havoc had so many crazy moments, the Chamber of Horrors match that saw a malfunctioning kill switch and Abdullah The Butcher getting fried is a memory that those involved in WCW at the time would like us all to forget.  Not to mention the "Creatures" WCW Phantom and Spin the Wheel, Make the Deal and the Sumo monster truck match all lead for memorable events... Memorable in both good me bad ways.

Later as a performer I was able to have some crazy Halloween moments as well.  Not surprisingly most of those were Slamtastic Wrestling based.

Like the time I was in a match at the first "Hauntd House Party" when my opponent and his partner tried to gang up on me.  One held me while the other climbed to the top rope and tried to smash me with a large Jack-o-Lantern that was sitting ringside as a decoration.   Fortunately I was able to move out of the way at the last minute and the ghord was smashed onto the head of my opponent and I was able to roll him up and get the 1,2,3 with the pumpkin still on his head.

Probably my most fun memory at Halloween wrestling memory was the year Kris Krude amend I recreated the Halloween Havoc legend Spin the Wheel Make the Deal match.  

The wheel landed on a casket match, and after a hard fought battle I thought I had the victory.  However it turned out that I locked Greg Sptiz, Krude's identical twin brother got stuffed in ten casket instead.

So Krude challenged me to rematch, and it was decided that the Spin the Wheel match would be two out of three falls... And each fall would get a spin!

So the second spin revealed the treacherous THUMB WRESTLING match.  Yes, really.  Krude won the second fall by putting his feet on the ropes. That rotten cheat! 

So we had the third spin and the wheel landed on ladder match! Since the building had very low ceilings, we were forced to use the only ladder we had that would fit... A step ladder.

What happened next was wrestling magic.  An epic ladder match that people still talk about to this day.  And I'm not making a joke here.  We laid it all out there and  used that step ladder as if it were ten feet tall.

The bei toy of Slamtastic was hat every performer went out and did the most ridiculous things in a very serious way.  Since we were selling kids parties, we able to have a lot of fun, but still tried to make every match a good one, and often those matches were great.

Slamtastic continues to be the most fun I ever had in wrestling and that ladder match is still one of the best matches of my career.  I always think fondly of those Halloween parties and events every Halloween.

Happy Trails,

Monday, October 24, 2016

Mav goes Spartan week 5:

Another week, another update...

I have to be honest, outside of my yoga and some quick morning workouts things have stalled a bit.  But the good thing about this weekly post about my training is that it's an accountability tool as well, and as I realize my training has laxxed, I'm able to put my attention to it and tweak my training accordingly.  

So now it's back to the drawing board, so to speak.  My running has slipped, so I need to find a time of day where I can get out consistently.  I also need a few more training sessions during the week.

I've been getting my burpees in, and that will continue I'm gonna add a few each month to continue that growth.

I've mentioned it before, my Friday night superhero class has been a great training tool, running jumping and climbing and calestetics for two hours is a great Friday night workout.

Spartan has been setting up its next years schedule so I'll be able to target a goal race soon. 

More to come...

Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Six Shooter: October 21

Every week on my show Maverick's Comic Roundup I give you my six shooter, six comic books I think you should check out. This week those books are:

1. Herobear and The Kid Fall Special 2016:  HEROBEAR IS BACK! Part two of the "Savong Time" storyline that began as a member Ni series but now seems to be continuing as a series of specials sees time go wonky due to the events of previous issues, and Herobear and the Kid have to save the day as well as find the missing Henry! 

2. Faith #4:  (Vailant) Faith, her heroic boyfriend Archer and her magically created double battle evil at Comic-Con! Another great issue filled with geek fun and real con going tips!  This may very well be my favorite comic on the market right now.

3. Trinity #2:  (DC) The mystery introduced on issue one deepens in this great new series that continues to lead with strong characterization and an interesting twist at the end.  They're doing a great job balancing the newer versions of these characters yet making their bond feel timeless.

4. Lost Boys #1: (Vertigo) comic book sequel to the iconic 80's movie catches us up to Michael, Sam and the Frog Brothers as Vampires once again descend on Santa Clara.  If your a fan, or a fan of 80's nostalgia this is the book for you this week.

5. Batman #9: (DC) Batman recruits several of his rogues in order to go to Satna Prisca in search of Bane and the Pscycho Pirate.  Plus a surprise cameo from a Legion of Superheroes favorite.  Interesting to see what the "Rebirth" version of some of these characters have been up to.

6. Deadpool: Too Soon #1: (Marvel) Deadpool blackmails an odd assemblage of heroes including Howard The Duck, Squirrelgirl and Spider-Ham for his Christmas card photo, but when Forbush Man is murdered, the mystery for the killer is on... And so is the absurdity.  Be warned, this book is pretty out there, but it's also a whole lot of of fun.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mav goes Spartan week 4: Mav goes Yogi?

So after looking into it for a while... OK, A long while, and trying a few DVD workouts I finally made the jump into the world of Yoga and took my first real Yoga class.  I have to say it was everything, and nothing like I expected.  And since this post is late this week, I'm now able to talk about my first two classes.

My first class was a small class, which was probably a good thing and the instructor Geri did a fantastic job of not only making me feel at ease, but broke terms and movements down so that a newb like me would totally understand.

One of the most interesting things about Yoga that I found was the body awareness that comes with practice.  At first it may seem strange that your told to release tension in your jaw or the top of your head when focusing on some other body part your twisting like a pretzel but then you realize that your jaw is clenched and you hold tension in all sorts of body parts when exercising.

It was strange to me come out of a workout both fatigued and completely relaxed but that's how I came out of both classes. There's also a calmness and sense of accomplishment that was very welcome after a long crazy day.

I'll definitely be sticking with yoga during my Spartan training since it helps greatly with flexibility, core strength and mental focus.  Right now, it's a once a week practice but I can definitely see that expanding in the future 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Mav goes Spartan: week three, getting a grip

Week three update time, So far I'm pretty happy with my training, I'm building a consistent base and that's really important.

Burpees everyday as well as several mini workouts, I'll be upping the intensity on those soon.  I'm Getting in a run or two a week and I know that needs to bump up, but since I've been running that's not the thing I'm most concerned with.

I have noticed while watching various videos that climbing is a big part of many of the runs.  Monkey bars, rope climbs and walls show up in many of the videos.  So I've decided I'm gonna start looking into different climbing and grip strength workout. I think I am gonna get a pull up bar too, more than likely a portable one I can take with me on the go.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Mav goes Spartan: week 2

It's week two, and progess continues.

My Friday night Superhero class has become a surprisingly valuable asset in my Spartan training. I set up some obstacle courses, shuttle runs, and we do lots of calesthetics every week, and I've been doing the challenges with them.  Since we have new equipment and a bigger room this year we've had some really fun challenges. Two hours of that and I get in a great workout.

I've also been turned on to a new app by my daughter.  It's a 7 minute workout challenge app that uses basic bodyweight exercises in a seven minute circuit. Best part is they let you set up how many circuits you do so you can create a longer workout.  It's on the App Store. I just searched 7 minute workout challenge.

Speaking of my daughter, guess who discovered Spartan has kids races and now has been following me asking if she can run one.  Looks like I may have a training buddy after all.

That's it for this week, 

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Mav goes Spartan: week 1

Time for my week one check in. So far things are moving forward... Slowly.  I have had a few ups, and a few downs, but that's life.

First, Thank you to everyone who has been supporting me so far on this seemingly crazy endeavor, I've gotten some great positive comments and encouragement and it really means the world to me. It was fun to learn that a few of you are considering making a go of this Spartan thing as well.  

This past weekend I had a chance to win free admittance to a Spartan Race in a raffle at the beef and beer for my daughters competition dance team,  but typical to form I didn't win. Not a big deal, but a free entry would've been nice.  I do have to say I may be the only person ever to go to a beef and beer and have neither beef nor beer. I did fill up on salad, green beans, potatoes and some pasta.  

The diet changes are progressing nicely, I've found some really delicious, cheap and easy food recipes, and when I've had to I was able to make smarter choices for quick on the run meals.  Thank you Wawa for adding vegetarian tomato bisque, rice and roasted veggies to the menu.

On the fitness side of things, I tweaked me knee a little the day before I decided to go Spartan, so it's been a little slow but I did get my morning exercises and a run in this week.  I'm starting with the burpees today since the pain is all but gone.  Another thing I didn't take in to consideration is that I'm now teaching two hours of superhero class on Friday nights now and that alone is a big workout.

Also, I'm gonna be signing up for my first real yoga class soon!  

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Throwback Wrestling Thursday: The Fall at the Brawl

It's officially the first day of Autumn, so I thought it would be fun to look back at the annual WCW event "Fall Brawl!"  And it's most infamous moment ever.

Fall Brawl was anchored almost every year with one of my favorite matches, The War Games! I have to be honest though, it's one of my favorite matches mostly because of the original versions of the event. Once they moved the match to Fall Brawl many of the War Games matches were... Uninspiring.

Of course we can't talk Fall Brawl, or the War Games without its most infamous moment and auspicious debut. The arrival of The Shockmaster! 

(Photo credit: WWE whether they like it or not)

Twenty Three years later and I still can't stop laughing at that video.

To this day I still don't know what they were thinking with the Shockmaster's debut, and as strange as it sounds, that fall may have been the best thing that happened to that angle... Seriously. 
Without the epic fall, an enormous man with a sparkly Stormtrooper helmet and giant fur vest would've crashed through the set and threatened Sid and Vader using Christian Bale's Batman voice.  Think about it, that part of the situation was their actual plan!!! 

I have to hope that WCW creative were stuck with a last minute wardrobe issue.  I believe that the plan for Shockmaster was for him to wear the "Super Shockmaster" outfit that they tried to introduce later on from the start, and that for whatever reason the costume and mask wasn't ready for his debut.

(Photo credit: Still WWE, Don't let them deny it)

So with no costume they did the best they could on short notice... And it was pretty awful.  The original promo (sans fall) more than likely would've been panned and been chalked up to another bad WCW decision when they were in an era where they made a lot of bad decisions, And only occasionally if at all referenced.  The War Games match would've pretty much been the same without the slapstick and forgotten.  Surely I wouldn't be discussing him today.

Now however, thanks to WWE Network, YouTube and other social media, The Shockmaster is legendary.  He's even had a resurgence lately appearing on recent WWE Programming, and has had had actions figures and other products made.  Shocked most definitely made the best of an embarrassing moment and is now part of one of the most legendary wrestling moments ever. That's not the over the top statement you think it is when you first read that sentence.

Monday, September 19, 2016

Mav goes Spartan: Prologue

Welcome to my new weekly blog post as I start on the road to a new challenge and a big adventure.  But first. Some exposition...

Several years ago I decided I needed a fun challenge and registered for my first half marathon, The Dosney Food and Wine half marathon, which I completed a year earlier than my target goal.  And while it wasn't exactly as I expected nor was it the finish I'd hoped for... I did it. I've also run several 10 milers, 5ks and the occasional fun run.  Recently however I've felt the need to do something else, tackle a new big,challenge.  I considered another half marathon but due to several issues, I've decided for something all new. 

Over the summer I very much enjoyed watching the team Spartan challenge, and American ninja warrior and started to think that jumping over fire, ducking u dear barb wire and trudging through mud would be fun. Clearly there is something wrong with me.

After several weeks of debate, discussion and research I decided to jump in head first and go for it.  And to prove I wasn't just being crazy I created a plan, there are several things to do  I'd need in order to accomplish this unusual goal:

The burpee: The burpee is a constant in the world of Spartan and a beast to overcome all itself.  Every time you fail (or skip) an obstacle you have to do a set of burpees.  For this reason I will be doing dedicated sets of burpees daily. Starting with 10 a day and adding to them weekly.  To emulate potential race conditions I'll be doing the burpees immediately after a regular workout.

Running: since I'm targeting a sprint I'll need to be able to run 3-5 miles, that's already in my wheelhouse, so I'll continue to target 2-30 minute runs a week. With the fall craziness I'm gonna return to running in the evening since day runs have been increasingly difficult to fit in.  Looking at Tues-Thurs-Sat for those.

Yoga:  this one is the biggie for me.  Flexibility is SO very important in general and I've noticed that it is an issue as I get older.  The little I've experimented with Yoga has convinced me of how important it is.  I'm planning to get much more serious with Yoga and making it a pillar of my workout plan.  

Functional bodyweight exercises:   The strength needed for many Spartan obstacles is different than many other physical endeavors.  Climbing, lifting pulling and pushing require functional exercises that work many different body parts and things like grip strength and muscle endurance play a big role.  That's why I'll be doing very little weight training, and focusing on functional bodyweight exercises.

Nutrition: Probably my biggest issue. And I'll be tacking it in a differ way.  I've decided to go with a plant based whole foods lifestyle that encourages lots of fruits, vegetables, beans and grains. This isn't just for the training, I'm noticing more food intolerances and stomach issues and the Fr changes I've started have already shown huge improvements in that department.  I'm also going to look into a few other real food program and ideas. 

So that's my big blueprint. I've already started, and I'll be checking in every Monday with updates, tips, inspiration and probably a lot of ups and downs.   My hope is that someone will read this and decide to chase their own crazy dream of health and fitness. After all, of a 43 year old beat up old wrestler can turn himself into a Spartan, anything is possible.

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Throwback Wrestling Thursday: we know you like to watch!

I was having trouble this week thinking of what I wanted to write about, none of my ideas were fleshing out into full fledged columns.  

Then, as I was channel surfing last night one of my all-time favorite movies Caddyshack came on and I immediately thought of one of the crazy stunts TV Generation never got to. The Golf Cart entrance.

TV Gen (as the cool kids called it) was a sometimes tag team/ sometimes faction that started in the late 90's when frankly, everyone was on a faction (thanks nWo). The basic idea band the group was that we believed we were stars in our very own TV show.  The cast included myself and Norm The Barfly as well as at various times Frank Cody, Bodacious Brad, Primetime Petra and of course our manager Spallding! 

There was a large amount of spoofing of popular television shows and movies of course, right off the bat our first appearance had us dress and wrestle as the kids from South Park.  And yes, we killed Kenny. 

Subsequent adventures saw us start a riot in New Jersey (they legit had to lock us in a classroom until the angry group left). We also almost got beat up by about 70 angry Mummers when we had our own version of the annual New Years Parade. We stole the Soul City Wrestling championship and preceded to defend it for three months until the rightful champion returned to retrieve it.  There are so many more stories, but I think I'll save them for future installments.

With the exception of the Slamtastic run, which not surprisingly included most of the same people, TV Gen was my favorite run in the business.  There's just something special about traveling with your best friends and being able to just go out and have fun and that's what made TV Gen work. We loved doing it.  Eventually though many  promoters needed classic baby faces more than another faction so I took off the black and yellow and put my white hat back on, but I always looked for a way to bring TV Gen back in some form.  Later Super Cody were able to put together a "comic book" version of TV Gen but that too was sadly short lived.

Recently in LAW and Delco Pro TV Gen has had a mini reunion as Norm and I have been teaming up again, but the odds of a full fledged reunion in the ring seems unlikely, however as I type this I have to think the idea of a TV Gen podcast could be something incredible fun to do.  Oh, and the golf cart thing, I think I'll save that... Just in case.

Next week: I miss gimmick pay per views! 

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Throwback wrestling Thursday: Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs.

One of the things I'm proudest of over the years were the Pro Wrestling benefit shows I organized for The Cerebral Palsy Association of Delaware County (now CADES).  Over the years we had a lot of fun events that raised good money and was a fun night out for families. 

Because of my relationship with the organization I was often in high profile matches at the events, and on one particular night during a Liberty All-Star Wrestling event I found myself in a match were I may have bitten off more than I could chew... A match with one of the legendary Dudley family members, Chubby Dudley.

If you're not into the wrestling game or only familiar with the current WWE, you may not know the Bubba and Devon are only two brothers from the larger Dudley family, and at one point Dances with, Little Snot, Sign Guy and even Dudley Dudley caused chaos in ECW.  

On this particular evening Chubby came to the ring (as he often did) with a snack.  An entire box of Cocoa Puffs.  I'm sure he was planning on a victory feast, however the munchy, crunchy, chocolatety treat would be his Achilles heel, so to speak.  

As the match progressed it became clear that the 300 plus pound monster was not gonna be defeated with my considerably non-brawn.  I hit him with everything I had physically, and I pretty much just bounced off of him. Soon I realized that I'd have to outwit my larger foe.  My opportunity came late in the match when I was knocked from the ring.  As I picked myself up I saw Sonny the Cuckoo bird staring at me.  I grabbed the box and made a beeline for the exit.  Chubby became enraged that his breakfast was hijacked and took off after me. I tossed the box outside the auditorium and as Chubby went out after I closed the double doors, essentially locking him outside.  All that was left was to make it back to the ring and a count out victory was mine, much to the delight of the crowd.

Oddly enough when they opened the doors again, Chubby was nowhere to be found.  Best I could tell, when he went cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs he flew all the way back to Dudleyville.

It was a very fun moment and for many years after, whenever. I would discuss the wrestling events at CADES inevitably someone would mention the time I beat a guy by stealing his cereal and locking him out as one of their favorite moments.  It's funny how moments like that make for the best memories.

So remember kids, it's important to eat a healthy breakfast, just not while you're in the ring.

Happy Trails, 

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Throwback Wrestling Thursday: Remembering Mr. Fugi

My first memory of Mr. Fugi is of him trying to kill Ricky Steamboat.  

It was the beginning of a crazy feud that saw Fugi and his charge at the time Don Muraco hang "The Dragon" with the belt from Steamboats Karate Gi. It was also the beginning of my fascination with one of the most unique villains in all of wrestling.

Fugi immediately struck me as different than many of the other managers because he would often get in the ring as a partner to Muraco and actually be able to hold his own.  That of course was because for many years Fugi himself was a world class competitor and Tag Team Champion.  So Fugi was more than equipped to step into the ring against Steamboat, Santana, Snuka and even Hulk Hogan when it was required.  

Fugi and Muraco were an amazing team, who were not only devious and underhanded villains, but also one of the funniest comedy duos in all of wrestling.  Their appearances on Tuesday Night Titans (TNT) were always hilarious, and to this day I still watch their Fugi Vice, Fugi Bandito and Fugi General skits on the WWE Network regularly.

Comedy and Fugi seemingly went hand in hand as he also was involved in many crazy moments throughout his WWF career.  Winning a marathon in a tuxedo at Wrestlemania (spoiler alert, he cheated) the wacky contests that took place during Saturday Nights Main Event or his over the top appearance with Yokozuna on Conan O'Brien were just some of awesome things that come to mind when I think of The devious one.

Whether it was Tag Team Champions Demolition, Yokozuna, Muraco or any of his other rough and rowdy charges, Mr. Fugi was the perfect combination of enhancement, distraction or foil that made him one of greatest managers of all time. He is part of a wrestling tradition of great managers who made their protégées even better, and it's an aspect of the industry that is truly lacking today.

Thank you Harry "Mr. Fugi" Fugiwara for all of the wonderful memories and laughs you provided, the wrestling world and my childhood was a much better place because of your contributions.

Happy Trails,

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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Throwback Wrestling Thursday: how the ring changes a thing.

Since I started this blog series I've been thinking a lot about what a crazy world that the pro wrestler lives in. How once you cross the line from fan to performer how you're perspective changes on a lot of things.  Here are a few examples:

You will never be able to walk into a public venue without asking the all Important question; "could we run a show here?" Seriously, Weddings, flea markets, church luncheons, even my daughters dance competitions it doesn't matter, the first thing I do when I walk into a large venue is check the ceiling and width to see if you could fit a ring and 200 chairs.  I know I'm not the only one that has this infliction since an associate once asked if the dance studio my daughters attend has enough room for a ring... It's not, I checked... A few times.   

Your vernacular is also changed drastically.  
The first thing I noticed is that that the word "gimmick" became akin the the term "smurf" and is a viable replacement for pretty much any noun, adjective or verb. Seriously, someone once asked me to hand him "the gimmick that was sitting over there on the gimmick" and I knew exactly what he was talking about without so much as a non verbal cue.  Words like stiff, brother, heat, and spot are common words whose context often have to be explained to the few people I actually talk to not involved in the wrestling business. 

How you watch wrestling will obviously change, but you'll also equate wrestling into sitcoms, movies and plays.   "I totally saw that spot coming". And  "Alan Rickman is a great heel in this." Are actual phrases I've heard used when discussing films.  Go ahead, try and watch a movie with a bunch of wrestlers, it's fun.

So that's all for this week, I have to get this gimmick posted on the gimmick and start working on my next gimmick.

Happy Trails.

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Monday, August 22, 2016

New Maverick T-Shirt coming soon!

I'm very excited to preview the design of the new Maverick T-Shirt coming soon!  The Shirt design was created by JK Desgins and really captures the Maverick Spirit!  Pre-Orders coming soon! 

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Throwback Wrestling Thursday: Denny's should sponsor my next match

"I know the menu of Denny's better than Denny himself" -Bob Holly

I read that quote in an interview Bob Holly did for a wrestling magazine back in the mid 90's.  At the time I was just beginning my pro career and didn't realize then how true that quote would become.

His reasoning made sense, when you're traveling from town to town late at night, you have few options and are usually starving after a show.  The food at Denny's is always the same, and is usually a safer choice than some of the random places you may find on the road.

Because of this, wrestlers often congregate at Denny's after shows.  As you can imagine, that usually leads to some entertaining stories involving pro wrestlers.  Many I can't tell you because the statute of limitations may not have run out, but there are a few are shareable ones.

Like the time I arrived at Denny's to find another local wrestler (who will remain nameless for this column) standing in the lobby.  I though it was odd because he hadn't worked the show we had just come from.  The 6'5" 260 pound beast of a man explained that he was at a local club, got more than a little drunk and preceded to get in a fight with a jealous boyfriend type. I immediately felt awful for Mr. Boyfriend because my associate explained that he went right into worker mode, took the guy down and preceded to machine gun punch the poor guy until security asked him very nicely to leave.  So he came to Denny's to hopefully run into someone for a ride home.  I really hope he found one.

Come to think of it, We once offered to pay our bill with an autographed photo of another wrestler. Silly waitress should've taken it, the wrestler in question is now a big name and former ECW World champ.  Now that I think of it, that is probably why referee Mike Kehner tells me of that this guy still has heat with me.

When you travel with the lunatics I usually travelled with there was always some shenanigans going on.  There was the night good ole' SuperCody saw two elderly ladies walking into the restaurant and announced "Here come Moolah and Mae Young!" As he often did.  Imagine our surprise when the door opened and it actually was Moolah and Mae Young!!  We then sat on awe for the next 20 minutes as they preceded to prove that the crazy ladies they played on TV paled in comparison to the real life versions of these legends. 

Speaking of old S.C., the day we received the infamous four dollar bills, three quarter, two dimes and five penny pay day. It was left as part of a tip for our waitress.  Yeah, even she got a bigger pay day than us that night.

Once I had a rather lengthy discussion own our waitress over how the Denny's cook couldn't make an egg white omelet.  Seriously, straight up couldn't do it.  Ten minutes later I laughed out loud when I heard someone at the booth behind us having a similar egg white conversation.  I turned around to see Al Snow and The Blue Meanie discussing how you can get a job preparing food if you can't separate a yolk from an egg. 
From Hall of farmers to hardcore legends to local hopefuls doing everything they can to live the dream. We all gotta eat and we apparently all like to eat at Denny's.  So the next time you're hankering for a "Moons over my Hammy" look around, you never know who may be sitting neat by. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Throwback Wrestling Thursday: Summertime Wrestling

Every Thursday on the blog I'll be looking back on wrestling memories, both that I've participated in and others that I witnessed as a fan.  So return with me now to those thrilling days of yesteryear for:

Recently I travelled to Wildwood New Jersey so my daughters could compete at Dance Nationals, and I couldn't help but be surrounded by nostalgia.  I didn't realize how many of my wrestling memories were tied into the Jersey Shore.

My earliest memories, like waiting near the entrance of the old Wildwood convention center whenever the WWF was in town trying to catch a glimpse of the superstars up close. Running into Shane Douglas on the boardwalk and realizing he had a gold chain that had a replica of the ECW Championship belt.  Meeting Oscar from Men on a Mission on the Boardwalk and not being able to remember which member of M.O.M he was, the day we realized that the Undertaker was even scarier in real life, and that Razor Ramon should spring for the full size rental car were all fun memories.

Later when I became a professional wrestler, I had the opportunity to work several shows on the Wildwood Boardwalk, on a week night so we had to make the hour and a half drive to the shore, work our match, spend a little time on the boards, and head home again.

One of the most notable Shore adventures was for a Fourth of July event called "The Belcoville Battleground Bash 98".  Since the show was on the Fourth of July and was only 40 minutes or so from Cape May, Norm The Barfly and I decided to camp in Cape May.  Yes, that said camp... What could go wrong, right? 

We arrived at the venue early, and I was happy to learn that the show would be outdoors, on the field 
and that Foreworks would kick off right after the last match! Sounds awesome right?  immediately I started scoping out crazy things I could do that night. I called dibs on doing something goofy on the sliding board that was right near the ring area. We checked in with the promoter, one of my all time favorite promoters the legendary Doc Diamond and began getting our matches together when.. It started to pour.  One of those classic summer thunder storms that hit hard, short and fast and soaked everything good. 

I was then introduced to my opponent, who promptly explained that due to an injury he had a very poor short term memory.  So we worked out what I thought was an easy match... And he couldn't remember it.  So we shortened it.... And shortened it... And shortened it again until it was a very brief encounter of about four minutes, and then we had to go over that four minute match about 600 times so he could keep it in his head.  Seriously It was like wrestling Dory.

Of course the rain on a baseball field made for a sandy slippery ring, so traction was nil and you got sand everywhere, and I do mean everywhere. We got through the match and the evening and headed back to the campground, sandy, sore and ready to sleep on the ground.  Clearly we hadn't thought that part out when we planned this adventure.

My fiancé' (now Mrs. The Maverick) and I  shared a two room tent we often camped in, and while it was relatively uncomfortable I don't think it was nearly as bad as my tag partner and road brother Normie. He was using our spare one person tent, which just couldn't be comfortable for the big man.  Life of a pro wrestler indeed.

Wrestling down the Jersey Shore was a big deal for a kid who would wait all year for our family vacations, and I'm very glad to have gotten the chance to perfom in various shore towns. 

Next Week: I know the menu of Denny's better than Denny himself" 
Happy Trails,