Friday, February 6, 2015

Avengers: No More Bullying

Marvel Comics has recently released a special edition comic book that sees its mightiest heroes battling a villain that is all to real to both adults and children...  Bullying.

Avengers:  No More Bullying features several short stories that look at different aspects of bullying.  Each story features one of Marvels most recently popular characters, Spiderman, The Avengers, and The Guardians of the Galaxy.  

-In "Straight Shooter" the Avengers learn that words can be as damaging as a giant city crushing robot, and that everyone is important, super powers or not.

-The Guardians of The Galaxy star in "Quotient" as they step in to help when an Alien youth is torn between staying loyal to a friend or joining up with the "in crowd" 

- In "Friends on the web" Spiderman comes to the rescue of a bullied youth and helps him to realize that "fighting fire with fire" is never a good way to deal with a bully.

My favorite part of the book is the last strip, it's called "Weird" which should bring a smile to the face of anyone who has ever felt like an outcast.  There are also several fun activities throughout the book like draing pages and games. 

If I had any complaint about the book it would be a small one, and it really didn't take away from the comic book or its purpose. The characters in the book in reflect what's happening currently in the comics, and in some cases are very different than kids may have seen in the Marvel movies and animated series.  I think using the more classic, iconic versions would be more accessible to newer readers. I'm sure Marvel did this in hopes of getting non comic reading fans to check out a comic book and see why these characters look different, which from a marketing standpoint is smart.

Bullying of course is a very hot topic right now, and is something everyone has to deal with at various times in their life.  A comic like this could be a good way to start a conversation with a child or reinforce what has already been discuss.  I applaud Marvel for putting out a comic like this.

Avengers: No more bullying is available now in comic book shops and digitally. 

I'd personally like to thank my friends at Comic Universe in Folsom PA for providing copies of "No More Bullying" to my Super Hero class this week.  Check. Them out at

Monday, July 28, 2014

Roundup Review: Phineas and Ferb Star Wars

This weekend Disney Channel debuted their latest, and possibly greatest Phineas and Ferb special; Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars.

I've been excited about this episode since it was announced last year.  It was clear that this special was put together with lots of love to the Star Wars franchise.  There was lots of references to things big time Star Wars fans would appreciate as well as a few Star Wars in pop culture nods, including what seemed to be a tip of the hat to Kevin Smith's Clerks film.  The music, a staple of the show, was fun, I especially enjoyed the Tatooine anthem in the beginning.  

The series, unlike other specials didn't recast SW with P&F characters, but instead told the story of an adventure that happened parallel to "A New Hope". The Special included all the new hope characters, as well as a nods to things and places that happened in the other movies, both original and new trilogy.

I'm sure Disney will show this special again and again, on both Disney and Disney XD.  if you're a fan of Star Wars or P&F you should definitely check it this specialout, you will really enjoy it.  Oh, and if you're one of "those" Star Wars fans, take heed to the friendly tip given during the episodes scroll; "...none of this is canon, so just relax".

Happy Trails, 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Revenge of the Nerd(block)

Howdy Friends,
I recently received a discount code to try out Nerd Block once again, so I figured I'd give it a shot.

Nerd Block is a blind box service that delivers a box full of "nerd" goodies every month for about $30. $20 for the box and $10 shipping.  It's a good deal as far as product goes, but I stopped getting them because they just weren't putting enough things I'm interested in for me to keep the service going. 

I received my new box in the mail and was surprised to see that they box has changed some.  There seem to be fewer items in the box but the quality of the items has gone up.

This is a good thing. One of the things I didn't like was that there were a bunch of "filler" items like stickers that were kinda disappointing.  

Let's look at each item shall we:

Nerf Zombie Strike Blaster:

Woo Hoo!  This is a cool surprise,  I love me some Nerf Blasters.  This is a cool single shot blaster that uses the disks instead of darts, and is from the zombie strike line.  I'll let you know how effective it is next time I run into a zombie.

Plush AT-AT 

This is by far the cutest giant vehicle of destruction I've ever seen.  I've never seen these before, but they're pretty cool and come in different vehicles.  Another fun addition.

Ninja Turtles Shirt

Ninja turtles are cool, but I'm not a big fan of the design.  This was another thing I wasn't crazy about with Nerblock.  They sometimes including odd t-shirt designs, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.  For me, this one doesn't. 

Comic-Con DVD with mini figs.

This one really surprised me.  I've never seen this documentary so I'm looking forward to it.  The mini figures were hilarious.  The figs are Harry Knowles from Ain't it Cool News and Stan Lee.  The other set included Joss Whedon and Morgan Spurlock (the films director) the timing is perfect too since San Diego Comic Con starts this week.

Star Wars Insider Magazine

Not so long ago I was a big reader of this magazine, but slacked off reading it.  Super extra bonus is the Jeffrey Brown cover and article.  I've seen his stuff on shelves and thought it looked hilarious, but haven't picked it up... Yet. Something tells me this article may send me out shopping.

So that's it for this month, an impressive haul.  I originally was only going to get this one box, but now I may get another one to see if this box was a fluke or if the quality is this good every month.

I may also check out some of the options that have been added to the Nerblock family; Nerblock Jr for boys and or girls and horror block.  

Want to snag a Nerblock for yourself, hit the website

Happy Trails.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Disney Jr. Power of Doing Good Event at Please Touch Museum

Howdy Friends,
The girls and I recently attended a special Disney Jr. Event at the Please Touch Museum in Philadelphia.  The event was a part of Disney Jr.s Pirate and Princess:
Power of Doing Good" summer.

The event was originally a ticketed event, however they later opened it up to anyone.  The girls and I arrived at our specified time and immediately got to choose either a princess crown or pirate headband.  Of course my girls both picked princess.  We were also given a checklist for the event with each activity.

The area itself was impressive for a one day event.  they had large props and backdrops and activity areas, there were plenty of cast members from Radio Disney Jr. and Please Touch on hand to help with everything from parking to activities. 

The goal was to go around and complete four different power badges and then head over to see a special show featuring Jake from Jake and The Neverland Pirates and Sofia from Sofia the First.  

The activities were fun for the girls and varied enough that kids of various ages could enjoy... even my 11 year old jumped in and enjoyed the event.  There were lots of photo spots with cutouts of the different characters.

The show at the end was brief, a few songs a game or two with the Radio Disney Cast members and then out came Jake and Sofia to perform the Pirate and Princess Summer theme song.  There was no meet and greet afterwards, but one was never promised and it kept the event moving along in order to bring in many kids and families.

The girls came home with some fun stuff too, a tote bag, their princess crowns, a magic amulet. bookmarks, a storybook, a free Ebook and a free water bottle.  the awesome thing about the water bottle is they had dispensers on hand that you could fill with cold water.  A great idea on a summer day, and another example of how Disney adds the little touches to make an event magical.

All in all the girls enjoyed the event.  The event run time was about a half hour, which gave us time to check out the museum too since they offered discount tickets (and free parking) if you were a part of the event.  We hope they'll bring more of these events to the city, the girls are looking forward to the next one.  

Happy Trails,

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Christmas in July: hallmark ornament preview weekend!

Howdy Friends!
It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in July, and once again I'm jumping into the fun of my favorite time of summer.  Today the girls and I headed off to our local Hallmark store for their ornament unveiling weekend.  This has become an annual tradition with us, and this year I thought I'd share some of the fun coming your way this holiday season.

Right off the bat I had a "shut up and take my money" moment when we saw the new Mickey ears ornament holder.  It holds 12 ornaments and was made for the new 12 months of Disney ornament collection.  Needless to say it's now home on the range with us and will be an all year decoration for sure.

We saw so many great new ornaments for ourselves and for gifts, I really like this years assortment.  The Hallmark people have something for everyone this year and have released some surprising selections, like the Rocketeer;

And the General Lee;

And of course some holiday classics like Christmas Story and Christmas Vacation as well;

And of course a few that have been LONG overdue;

The stores also played up the Christmas in July theme with Christmas music playing and yummy treats our for everyone to enjoy.  It was a fun way to have a little holiday fun on a host summer day!  

For more cool ornament pics including some of my favorites check out my new Facebook page:

Happy trails,

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

runMaverick: Unboxing Stridebox

Howdy friends,
It's been a while since I closed up the runMaverick blog, but I thought I'd continue to post some running stuff here on the Roundup just for fun.

I recently received my monthly Stridebox and thought I'd do a quick in boxing blog for those who may be interested.

If you don't know, Stridebox is a monthly "blind box" service that ships you some cool running goodies every month.  I really like Stridebox and have gotten some cool stuff from them.

This months box had a nice selection stuff, featuring the usual samples of gels, nutrition bars, powders and a cool water bottle!

This months selection included a few new items, a trial size sports shield, that's supposed to help fight chafing and blisters, and a few new brands of supplements to try.  They did include a new flavor of GU, salted watermelon... Not sure how I feel about that flavor, but honestly I don't use the GU that often anyway.

I really like the Stridebox idea, it's hard to guess what kind of energy bars and such are tasty, and work, and it can be a disaster to try something new right before a race.  With Stridebox I get to try different things to see what is good and what is well, not.  Plus it's only about $15 a month and you get a great variety of stuff.

If you want to check Stridebox out for yourself, go to their website:

My other cool find this week is US Road Running.  USRR is a cool site that offers a lot of great resources for runners, but best of all I think are the virtual races and "get out and run" program.   I'm still checking things out, but I've already registered for two virtual races, the "crazy monkey 5k" and the "ghost pirate 5k".  Once you register, they send you the medal and then once you complete the race at your own leisure you post your time to the site.  The cost to register is under $20 for most races.

 I love many of the medals and will definitely be signing up for more races.  Once I've had more time to spend exploring the site I'll more than likely do a more in depth review.... But in the meantime, check out my new bling!

Check out to get your own monkey or pirate medal!

Until next time, 
Always "reach for the sky"
Happy Trails,

Monday, June 23, 2014

Philly Comic Con 2014

Howdy friends,
This past weekend was the annual Philadelphia Comic Con presented by Wizard World.  It's been quite a few years since I attended the con, but I had a rare Sunday off and Princess wanted to go, so we hopped on the train and went to check it out.

When we arrived I noticed quite a few changes, some good, some... not so good.  The first big change since I last went to CC was the check in process, they've moved it into a hall and had a lot of booth open to check you in.  Since we arrived well after the start of the con we didn't have to wait at all to check in.  Another change is we no longer receive a fun goodie bag when we check in.  They gave Princess a cool Super Cape which she loved though.

The main floor itself was pretty much the same, they shuffled a few things around but everything still in place.  They added a staging area and it looked like the gaming area was considerably smaller.

One thing I noticed for sure that was different was the lack of "Comics" at Comic Con.  Outside of all the artist alley publishers it appeared that only Zenescope Entertainment bothered to set up a booth, and I'm guessing that's only because they're based out of PA.

Philly Comic Con did have a lot of fun vendors and things to do and see.  One that made an immediate impression was Ultrasbabers, maker of replica and stunt sabers used by fan groups and saber combat teams.  They had some fantastic sabers on display and for sale including a sword of omens replica from Thundercats!!!

We also had fun checking out the "auto show" of classic TV and movie cars.  Of course my favorite was the '66 Batmobile.  They also had KITT, The General Lee and the Back to the Future Delorian.

Comic Con also had a lot of guests, panels and programming all weekend long.  We didn't partake in a lot of those since we were only there for the day.  I can tell you though, the longest line on Sunday was for WWE superstar John Cena and Buffy star Eliza Dushku.

Cosplay was definitely the theme this year, there were LOTS more folks dressed up then in previous years, with Doctor Who being a big winner.  I saw many, many Whovians at Comic Con, including several Tardis' photo booths and even a remote control K-9

 We did do a scavenger hunt hosted by 6ABC, and while we had fun, the prize was a pretty big let down.  Essentially a bag of advertisements and a few promo items.

All in all we had a fun time, but I can't help get the feeling that Philly Comic Con has become a bit of a "tourist trap"  There was very little in the way of comic book announcements and news, or even publishers and MANY more opportunities to pay for a celebrity meet and greets.  And honestly much of the fun and entertainment was seemingly fan made.  Far as I could tell, all of the Tardis, General Lee and many of the other photo opps were fan built replicas.  Not a bad thing, bravo to the groups that made such awesome stuff, but it did feel like the con was on auto pilot.

Another disappointment was the lack of fun free swag.  In the past Comic companies would give out all sorts of promo posters, buttons and fun trinkets.  Not so much this year.  Our swag bag was considerably smaller than in previous years.

All in all, we had a fun day out celebrating our love of superheroes and pop culture, and I suppose that's the real fun of Comic Con.

Happy Trails,