Saturday, October 3, 2015

Rasslin' with Comics: Batman '66 #27

Batman '66 is consistently one of my favorite reads, the Adam West version of the caped crusaders was my first Batman and he remains a fun reminder of my childhood.  I was happily surprised to discover that this months issue was inspired by the crazy world of 1960's Lucha Libre movies.  The timing of the issue also fit nicely with my plans to launch a column reviewing comic books featuring Pro  Wrestling.

While earlier issues spent time revisiting the classic television shows rogue gallery, recent issues of the series have expanded past those villains and have introduced 1966 versions villains that for various reasons never made it to the show. Issue #27 introduces a couple of characters inspired by the world of Pro Wrestling, Bane and The Hangman.

Because of his his mask and costume Bane is often compared to and sometimes portrayed as a luchadore, so it makes sense for him to be portrayed as such in the family friendly universe of the Batman '66 series.  Wrestling champion The Hangman is based on the Batman villain from then sixties who was also a professional wrestler, The Hooded Hangman.

The issue introduces Bane as an unstoppable Luchadore who is working with The Riddler.  While this issue isn't his strongest effort of the series, writer Jeff Parker does an excellent job of loading the series with many Easter eggs, referencing everything from Knightfall to The Dark Knight Rises which makes the issue an entertaining read.  Cameos by legendary Luchadores El Santo and Mil Mascaras, who were both film stars in Mexico in the sixties makes this issue another excellent companion piece to the show and gives a fun nod to the decade on which the series and show is based.  Adding Batgirl to the mix is just the icing on the cake, if you're a fan of this quirky series or Lucha Libre, you should enjoy this comic.

Batman '66 is published monthly by DC Comics.  All images copyright DC Enterainment. 

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maverick Returns... And so does LAW! November 14 Phoenixville PA

Make your calendars rasslin' fans, I'll be returning to the ring November 14 as a part of the return of Liberty All-Star Wrestling!  LAW was my "home fed" for many years, and I've had the honor of being both Light-Heavyweight and Top Rope Radio Champion.

I'll be announcing more information on the show as we get closer to the event.

For more show details and ticket information, head over to the LAW website.