Monday, March 7, 2022

Review: Nikolai Volkoff!

Today we are taking a look at issues 1 and 2 of the Nikolai Volkoff authorized biography from Antarctic Presses Turnbuckle Titans imprint.  Since Nikolai is one of my favorite villains from the "Rock and Wrestling" era, I had to pick them up.

Issue one covers Nikolai's early life, focusing on his time as a three time Yugoslavian Jr. National champion weightlifter and his plan to defect from Yugoslavia to Canada.  Much of which I hadn't heard before so I found it fascinating.

Issue two recaps his early wrestling career, training at the dungeon with Stu Hart, his time as a part of the tag team the Mongols and the creation of his Nikolai Volkoff persona.

The art and story are good, you can tell who pretty much everyone is supposed to be, which is tricky in books about real life people.    Nikolai Volkoff has had an amazing life, and Antarctic Press choosing him for this biography is pretty brilliant, I learned a lot and gained a new respect for a champion I already admired. 

I'm anxious to see if I can find issue three, which will obviously cover Volkoff in the 80's, when I first came to know him.  I imagine there will be a lot of fun appearances of 80's wrestling icons in that comic for sure.

Nikolai Volkoff Issues 1 & 2
$3.99 Antarctic Press
Story: John Crowther  Art: Dell Barras 

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