Monday, February 28, 2022

Review: Tinieblas Jr. #1

Giant tongued monster babies, lion headed gatekeepers, and martial arts practicing Yeti's? If I have your attention, then The Lucha Verse is right up your alley.

Masked Republic's Luchaverse from Chido Comics is a series of one shots featuring some of the biggest stars in Lucha Libre.  Tinieblas Jr. is the second of the Luchaverse one shots I've covered and both have been an absolute blast to read.  Check out my previous review of Rey Mysterio number one here.

Tinieblas Jr. is the son of legendary Luchadore Tinieblas (obviously).  Tinieblas Sr. was a huge star in the 70's who was featured in his own comic book series and films like the lucha star studded '"Los Campeones Justicieros"' so it's very fitting that Junior receive his own comic book.  

Tinieblas Jr., in the comic, not only inherited the mask, but the position of Monster Hunter.   The tale sees him on a quest to discover a map that will aid Rey Mysterio in his quest for the mask of the first Mysterio.  Another legend, Konnan has a brief cameo in the story.  Konnan has his own issue in the Luchaverse. And of course Tinieblas' Mascota Alushe makes an appearance as well.

During the quest, which starts in Las Vegas and takes him from ancient  to Nepal  Tinieblas Jr. have confrontations with giant tongued demon babies, and run ins with both a lion headed gatekeeper with ties to Tinieblas Sr., and a horned man trained in Lucha Libre. The last panel sets up some craziness with martial arts trained Yeti.  I will forever love this series because it lets me type the words "martial arts trained Yeti"

He's swinging the monster by it's tongue!!!

The art and pace are great in this series, the scenes drawn by artist Diego Simone are too much fun, and the monster designs are very cool.  I personally want a print of Tinieblas Jr. swinging the baby monster by it's tongue.

I cannot recommend this series enough, especially if you like Lucha Libre, monster comics, or are a fun of fun old sci-fi movie craziness.

You can purchase the comics at the Chido Comics website.  

Tinieblas Jr. #1 $3.99
Chido Comics/Masked Republic
Story and Script: Mario Lopez & Ivan Plaza
Art and cover: Diego Simone

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