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Review: Jim Cornette's Behind The Curtain

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I'll admit, I could listen to Jim Cornette tell old wrestling stories all day, and sometimes lately I do just that, but they say reading is fundamental so having a chance to have Cornette tell these stories in another medium is a fun change of pace.  And love him or hate him, you have to admit, no one probably knows more about the history of the wrestling business than James E, he's also a comic book fan and collector so I imagine this project was a true labor of love for him.

Behind the Curtain is a fascinating graphic novel that well, peels back the curtain on several of professional wrestling's most legendary stories.  Some of these tales have been told many times, "The Montreal Screwjob" and the Andy Kaufman/Jerry Lawler feud may not be new to longtime wrestling fans, but seeing them in comic book form is still fun.  In some cases, like the story of the plane crash that broke Ric Flair's back, Corney & Co. includes details you've probably never heard before and makes the story so much more interesting.

This graphic novel started out as a Kickstarter campaign, and it was funded in 24 hours, since then the book has sold out of it's hardcover and first prints! Hopefully that means there is consideration for a second book.

The creative team of writer Brandon Easton and artist Denis Medri did a great job of creating the larger than life world of Pro Wrestling, making the characters stand out in their own unique way.  The duo were also the creative team on the officially licensed "Andre The Giant: Closer to heaven" graphic novel (review on that coming soon).

Seasoned throughout the book are newspaper clippings, no doubt from Cornette's unbelievable personal collection, adding validity to each story. Also included are some fun touches like "Dream  Supercards", illustrated pinups and a glossary of pro wrestling terms that make this a fun treat for any fan of the history of pro wrestling.

Jim Cornette Presents: Behind The Curtain
IDW Publishing
Stories by Jim Cornette
Written by Brandon Easton
Illustrated by Denis Medri
80 pages $14.99 cover price

Comic is currently available on Comixology and on Amazon.

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